Richmond Park Wedding Photographer

London Engagement | Emily & Andy

Richmond Park Wedding Photographer

Emily & Andy

Another engagement session from me! If your every wondering is a engagement shoot worth it? Well it's a big ole yes from me. It's a chance for my couples to get used to the camera and kinda like a mini pre run of their big day so it is always worth doing. Also I haven't been on a engagement shoot yet where I haven't had a good laugh with my couple. Anyway this isn't a sales pitch so please see below a few of my favourite frames from Emily and Andy's engagement session in Richmond park. These guys were so much fun and truly in love as Andy gave up the chance to watch his beloved Chelsea play live in the cup final, Andy your putting us all too shame! You may notice my photos start to be a bit more vibrant as I've decided to add more punchy colours to my edits and might of started a little bit of an obsession with black and white frames too. Anyway enough of me going please see below. Richmond Park Wedding Photographer


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guildford engagement photography

Guildford Engagement | Annie & Tim

Guildford Engagement Photography

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with Annie & Tim for their pre wedding engagement shoot. A lot of photographers like to dictate where they take there couples, I however don't like to do this. I want my couples to be in a familiar comfortable environment, as I feel when my couples are relaxed I can truly get some great shots. From a photographer's point of view I also feel that by doing this, it pushes my creativeness as I have never been to the location before so it's all very new. On this engagement shoot Annie & Tim took me too their favourite running spot within Hatchlands park, and what a great park and a first for me to do some guildford engagement photography. These two are such a lovely couple and we had a blast taking photos and telling jokes along the way. We even risked it all and jumped into a field with bulls running around to get some fun photos, don't worry the bulls didn't mind us and we were all prepared to run for the hills! I cannot wait to photograph their wedding later in the year. Anyway here are a few of my favourite photos from our time together. Guildford Wedding Photographer. Can't wait to see Annie & Tim's stunning wedding? Don't worry I've got you just click here!

London Engagement | Justine & Rob 1

London Engagement | Justine & Rob

London Engagement Photography

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting Justine & Rob in Southbank, for their London engagement photography session. This was my first time photographing a night time London engagement so I was really excited to embrace the challenge and venture into the world of flash photography. The weather wasn't great as it did rain the majority of the time but I couldn't have asked for a nicer couple to spend a rainy Sunday evening with.

Rainy London Evening with a Christmas Twist

I love meeting new people and it really makes me smile when you can feel a real connection that two people have, there's a certain energy about them and it makes my job so fulfilling. Even though the weather was no fun, we had such a blast from getting soggy in the rain along embankment, convincing security at the BFI to lets us on the rooftop, to acting like kids on the horse carousel.

Fancy some London Sunshine?

Are you engaged to be married and looking for a wedding photographer? If so I would love for you to get in touch and have a chat about your special day, just follow the link - here. If the rain isn't for you why not check out another London engagement photography session I did for Toby & Carla in the height of a british summer. Just follow me - here!

London Wedding Photographer

Embankment Engagement | Carla & Toby

London Wedding Photographer

As a London wedding photographer is was great to meet Carla & Toby in the big smoke. They are having a tipi wedding in Suffolk in a few months and we had agreed for me to visit them to capture a few engagement shots before the big day. So early one evening I drove up the A3 and headed into the big smoke, Carla and Toby both finished work around 7 so we had to be quick to capture these as the light was running away from us but I think we nailed it in the short time we had together.

Embankment Engagement Shoot

We headed to Southbank right by the river as I love how the sunlight bounces of the river. With Toby joking around so much it was hard for me to stop laughing so much and capture the photos. When I meet couples which are just right for each other and don't care about what's going on around them it makes my job so much easier. Just be in the moment with each other and this is exactly what Carla & Toby where doing without any direction from me.

Tipi Wedding Ahead!

I love doing London engagement shoot with couples as there is such as buzz in the city and I think this rubs off on people as I always have such a laugh capturing these shoots. I cannot wait for there amazing Tipi wedding in Suffolk. Anyway enough of me, please see some of my favourites from the shoot below, as always feel free to comment and share as I love to hear people's thoughts. London Wedding Photographer.