Sam Hurd Workshop in Brighton

As the country is pretty much going into lock down due to Covid-19 I thought it would be about time to catch up on some much needed blogging.  For today’s blog I will be sharing a handful of shots from an amazing workshop I was able to attend last year in November! I love learning, I try to do as much as I possibly can to learn more about photography, both technically and the business side. I’ve spent hours scouring countless photography blogs, watching CreativeLive classes, and learning from the many amazing free webinars available from top wedding photographers! It’s not every day that your favourite wedding photographer posts a workshops to be held in Brighton, so when I saw that Sam Hurd was going to be hosting one here, I jumped at the chance! Hats off to the amazing Lisa Devlin who runs photography farm for being able to get Sam Hurd run his don’t panic shoot. Seriously, go check out his incredible work here!

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What can I say, it was fantastic! First of all, it was awesome to learn in person! If I like I learn a lot quicker by doing rather than reading and I learnt a ton of new ideas. We spent time learning new, unique photography methods, such as the Breziner method for head shots or portraits, free-lensing, and using prisms. Sam explained his business, from the moment a couple inquires, until after they receive their gallery. He taught about editing, websites, gear, social media, the 5 “L’s”: (light, lines, look, layers, and luck), and so much more. Although this was a mini workshop if you like only 3 hours Sam was happy to overrun and keep asking any questions we had. The whole concept of the workshop was exactly what the title say, “Don’t panic” Sam really leads the way in pushing yourself to break away from the norm and step outside your comfort zone and by doing this creating really creative photos.  After an hour or so we were able to go outside, watch, learn, and practice with a couple!

Brighton is generally a cool place but it was really insightful to watch how sam interacts with his couples. I think one of the most important things I took away was how much photography constantly inspires me, the raw, technical art of it. It can be easy to get caught up in the trends and fluff that saturates the wedding industry scene, and be swept away into the “insta-world” of perfection. But like Sam mentioned, “the end of the night matters most”. What’s SO important is capturing that final kiss of the evening, a grandparent’s hug, the joyous celebration of dear friends and family: as you never know how much those images may mean to someone in the future. My goal as a wedding photographer is to be passionate about every single aspect of the day, from the carefully curated, ethereal images, to the candid, in-between moments.

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