Lainston House Wedding in Hampshire

For my first time at a Lainston House wedding, what a treat! Grace & Pier’s beautifully intimate micro wedding took place on Sunday 20th December 2020 at Lainston House in Winchester with 15 of their nearest and dearest. It was a cold overcast December day filled with the magic of Christmas – warm lights, rich colours and plenty of festive joy. Their wedding might have been small in numbers but in every other way, they made sure it was a huge day, jammed packed full of love and joy. 

Grace & Piers had originally planned a big Lainston House December wedding but ended up with a much smaller winter (covid) wedding instead. The great news is that they are having that big dream wedding at the Lainston in 2021! So really is the best of both worlds and what girl wouldn’t want to have two wedding days!  I know that both Grace & Piers where worried and anxious about whether or not they would actually manage to go ahead in 2020 but they pushed forward with their planning regardless and managed to pull off a truly spectacular day with their family.

Lainston House Wedding Photographer

I thought it would be helpful to my  couples who are also facing the decision of whether to postpone or downsize to see what Grace & Paul did and hopefully provide you with some inspiration for your own wedding. I really want to show you that if you do decide to go small it doesn’t mean it’s going to be any less special. I promise you, it will be fantastic. Grace & Pier’s day honestly exceeded all expectations and I know they can’t stop talking about how much they loved it and that’s partly down to their fantastic support from family, friends and wedding suppliers. 

The beauty of having a smaller wedding is that you can put so much more thought into the smaller aspects of the wedding, the bits that usually are bottom of the list, such as wedding favours, gifts, accessories, styling, personalisation, and quite frankly, you have more money to spend on these elements than you probably would have before. If you already had a wedding budget in place based on a high number of guests, then reinvest it into making your wedding one to remember.

Second Wedding… Yes Please!

Grace and Piers will be hosting a big party Lainston House in 2021 for our friends and family who couldn’t attend because I know they would’ve missed the late night dancing and drinking. They are incredibly excited about their wedding celebration and it’s given them something in the future post-Covid to look forward to – almost like doing your wedding twice…which is a completely unique situation that Covid has produced. Not many brides get to put a wedding dress on twice, and you know what, why not! 

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I hope you enjoyed my work at Lainston House in Hampshire. If you are planning to get married and are looking for some wedding photography in Hampshire or any of the surrounding home counties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your special day!

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