Elopement Photographer Adventure

As the UK goes into lockdown due to covid-19 and everybody is confined to their homes I thought I would share this blog post early instead of waiting for the weekend to publish. A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of doing some location scouting for an elopement wedding I have booked in later in the year. An elopement photographer is one of my services I want to provide on a more regular basis especially in such scenic locations such as Wales, Scotland, or Iceland to name just a few!

Having convinced the fiancé to come with me I thought it would be a great idea to get a few local suppliers involved and almost create a mini styled shoot which would be a great way to create content. With all of my weddings booked in for the next 3 months being postponed due to the covid-19 outbreak I am glad we did.

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Upon arrival of a very quaint little village within the hills of snowdonia I captured some lovely photos of the bouquet before we set off for the day which was kindly provided by The little flower shop based in Tidworth. For all you brides to be which are looking for a florist I can highly recommend the girls at The Little Flower shop as they are all very talented and so friendly. The room I took these photos was in a lovely AirBnB not far from Snowdon itself, if you haven’t experienced the pleasures of AirBnB I suggest you do so immediately as there are some great cottages and rooms to be found.

With the weather against us we decided to get a move on and head to the base of Snowdon to start the climb up and scout for more locations. This was my first time to Snowdon (actually I have been once before during a 3 peaks challenge attempt but it was the middle of the night and saw nothing) and I was completely blown away of how beautiful it was! Very very cold but beautiful and totally worth the hike.

A highlight from our little adventure was coming across wild shetland ponies but having met a fellow photographer who happened to be taking photos of them informed us that they are actual Carneddau ponies and have been grazing the remote and rugged mountains of Snowdonia for centuries. Nethertheless my fiancé jumped at the chance to have a selfie with her favourite Carneddau pony who decided to follow us for the majority of the trip which was very cute I must say.

Elopement Photographer Safety

Once we hiked up to as far as we felt was safe for us we found ourselves in front of an amazing waterfall which was just amazing for photos. Opposite the mountain range which has that incredibly waterfall is an idyllic lake which was braved by a young girl who went for a quick swim! If you’re reading this and are planning on visiting Snowdon I must stress at this point that safety and respect of the environment is paramount.

You can find some great safety advice here. A few must do’s from me would be to make a plan before you leave home: check a suitable mountain weather forecast for your chosen area, tell someone where you are going and leave a route plan and contact details. Take plenty of food and snacks/water to sustain you all day and don’t be afraid of changing plans in poor weather or turning back if it gets too much!

With the day and the weather running away from us we decided to get some final photos in front of the beautiful lake which proved to be quite difficult as this area was becoming quite a hotspot for the public. Having braved all the weather and getting rained and hailed on multiply times during the day we both decided to head back down the mountain pass and head to some of the lakes at the base of Snowdon to capture a few final photos. Once at the bottom we where lucky enough to get last orders at the local cafe for some hot chocolate and warm sausage rolls!

Elopement Photographer

After warming up in the car we quickly drove to a nearby lake to capture this final image, it took us quite a while to find a spot I was happy with trying to get Snowdon in the background was quite the challenge with all the fog and clouds. Incase anyone is wondering the dress my beautiful fiancé is gracefully modelling is from Asos and was a bargain at just under £300. All hair and makeup was self done and I really wanted to say a massive thank you to my fiancé for putting up with me and agreeing to model in the freezing cold winds, she is a star!

I hope you enjoyed my work at Snowdonia. If you are planning to get married and are looking for a elopement photographer in wales or any of the amazing places this world has to offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your special day!

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