Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey

For my first wedding of 2020 I had the pleasure to be at The Denbies Wine Estate, based in Dorking, Surrey. A little fun fact for everyone is that Denbies vineyard was planted in 1986, and since then has become one the largest vineyard in the UK. I am starting to become quite the regular being my 5th visit here in less than 2 years.

Being able to capture wedding photography in Surrey is a luxury, the surrey hills is a beautiful area to live in and while you are visiting I urge everyone to take advantage of the surrounding areas, including 7 miles of public footpath which trail throughout the vineyard. If you are lucky enough to catch a sunset across the vineyard it is a truly amazing site.

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It is always a pleasure to be able to photograph the bride and groom getting ready and hats off to Denbies for making this possible with their relatively new hotel which is located in the heart of Denbies Wine Estate with outstanding views across the 265-acre estate and rolling hills. As there is over 15 rooms at the hotel I was able to capture the very dapper Boud getting ready with the help of his best man. It was a great dutch atmosphere which I loved!

Swiftly on I headed to another room where Isabel was getting ready, she had popped into town to get her hair done so I had a quick chance to photograph her dress in all its glory. Once Isabel and her bridal party returned the bubbly was flowing, expertly open-end my Isabel’s mum.

Before long it was time for Isabel to get in her dress and shortly afterwards her dad knocked at the door. I absolute live for moments like these as you can see everyone trying to keep it together not to ruin everyone’s make up. I think everyone would agree Isabel and Boud looked picture perfect!

Wedding Photography in Denbies Wine Estate

Being a wedding photographer I am constantly checking the weather forecast, and this wedding was no exception. Isabel and Boud where very lucky as it did rain all day apart from a window of fifty minutes, which was perfect for the ceremony and enough time to squeeze in some quick portraits.

The ceremony room was filled with fun and laughter whilst the guests where being entertained by Boud and awaiting Isabel. As soon as it was time for the ceremony to start, everybody was eager to see how stunning Isabel looked and she did not disappoint!

As soon as the ceremony was over the couple were cheered out the room where champagne was waiting for them. Without much direction at all I was able to gather all the friends and family outside in the courtyard for a confetti photo. This will always be one of my favourite photos as it shows how happy Isabel and Boud are together.

With reception drinks and canapés down in the the wine cellar of Denbies for guest to enjoy I swiftly took Isabel and Boud off for 10 minutes to get some portrait photos before it started to rain cats and dogs! As you guys are probably aware by now I just let my couples interact with each other and I just capture it.

This wedding was no exception and Isabel and Boud where so great together it made my job very easy. The wedding breakfast was very heartwarming with Boud’s mum and Isabel’s dad both making a toast and a speech. This was all topped of by Boud’s best man who flew in all the way from Canada and provided the room with lots of laughter and funny stories about Boud.

Evening Celebrations at Denbies Wine Estate

As the night progressed the couple headed into their first dance followed by some excellent dance moves by all the guests. A highlight for Isabel and Boud was a secret performance from all the guests doing a rendition of flash dance which was orchestrated by best man Lorenzo. I was able to capture this on video which I will be a great memory for them.

Creative Portraits at Denbies Wine Estate

As we didn’t getting a lot of time for portraits due to the weather earlier in the day and it getting dark in the afternoon I wanted to take the lovely couple of again. I actually like it when it rains all day as this tends to push me to think outside the box and get a little bit more creative.

I was able to get some great shots down in the cellar with the help of best man Lorenzo holding my flashes and another cheeky little multiply exposure taking advantage of the fairy lights which hang above everyone in the wedding breakfast room.

I hope you enjoyed my work at Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey. If you are planning to get married and are looking for some wedding photography in Surrey or any of the surrounding home counties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your special day!

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