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Hampshire Engagement Photography, Andover - C & L

Spring Engagement Photography

Catherine and Luke's engagement photography session was a spring dream, I am so excited to photograph their wedding next year! This was my first engagement photography session within my current home town of Andover so I was super stoked to be able to showcase some of the beauty Andover has to offer! Andover countryside is a gift of woodland, water, wildlife and lets not forget those beautiful rapeseed oil fields which is the perfect place to get some beautiful private photos. Everywhere we went seemed such an underused place, but benefited us! This is a small selection of Catherine and Lukes engagement photography photos, but ones I really love. Seeing the current weather reminded me of this, as it's one of my favourite engagement photography shoots I've done this year.

Andover Engagement Photos

It was a slightly chilly but the sun still shining on this late afternoon just before the clocks went back when me Luke and Catherine headed out. The gorgeous spring colours really came through, and how amazing do Catherine and Luke look in complementary colours? They really put lots of effort in to what they wore and braved the cold when they took their coats off! It truly was the perfect day for some engagement photography, and I hope Catherine and Luke really enjoyed the results because of the effort they had put in. I'm sure to be blogging their wedding over the spring months next year, so keep checking back for a sneaky peak!

Some people worry that they're not 'photogenic', lack confidence, have been engaged for a long time already, or don't know where to go. On all counts, there's no need to worry. My job and my talent is to make everyone photogenic (including a successful shoot with the in-laws!) there's no need to worry, we go somewhere which means something to you and have a walk. I take photos when you're comfortable, and then it comes to your wedding day, there's no stress. These sessions are simply a chance to get some gorgeous photos with whoever you want, wherever and whenever. Imagine what you would like framed on your walls, and we can create it.

Rooksbury Mill Nature Reserve

I can't end this beautiful set of images without mentioning Catherines favourite place to go growing up in Andover, Rooksbury Mill Lakes! I had no idea these lakes where here, in fact I had trouble finding them all together. If you're ever in the area this beautiful nature reserve is a must see, I mean just scroll towards the end of this blog post to see how stunning these lakes look as the sun goes down, and the beautiful Catherine and Luke just make them even more stunning. Of course, these engagement photography shoots can be done separately to your wedding or even if your not engaged to be married! They're a wonderful opportunity to have photographs of loved ones out and about and having fun. So, if you are interested in a similar shoot, get in touch! Memories like these make a wonderful birthday present or Christmas presents (ah I said it, Christmas! 6 months to go folks!) to everyone in the family. Here's another couples shoot from the spring, on another gorgeous brisk, sunny day!


If you like this engagement session - why not check out others on my blog? I love all shapes and forms of photography and especially photographing people in love. Get in touch to find out my availability for your wedding or couple shoot, whether your Hampshire bound, or anywhere else I would love to hear from you!

Richmond Park Wedding Photographer

London Engagement | Emily & Andy

Richmond Park Wedding Photographer

Emily & Andy

Another engagement session from me! If your every wondering is a engagement shoot worth it? Well it's a big ole yes from me. It's a chance for my couples to get used to the camera and kinda like a mini pre run of their big day so it is always worth doing. Also I haven't been on a engagement shoot yet where I haven't had a good laugh with my couple. Anyway this isn't a sales pitch so please see below a few of my favourite frames from Emily and Andy's engagement session in Richmond park. These guys were so much fun and truly in love as Andy gave up the chance to watch his beloved Chelsea play live in the cup final, Andy your putting us all too shame! You may notice my photos start to be a bit more vibrant as I've decided to add more punchy colours to my edits and might of started a little bit of an obsession with black and white frames too. Anyway enough of me going please see below. Richmond Park Wedding Photographer


London Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer London Wedding PhotographerRichmond Park Wedding Photographer

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

Hertfordshire Engagement | Claudia & Terry

Spring engagement shoot

Claudia and Terry's Hertfordshire engagement shoot was a spring dream come true. Who would of guessed that this gem of a location existed in the heart of Hertfordshire? Dockley woods is one of the most popular places to see such a dense oray of bluebells in the country, these woods really are a gift of colour, woodland and peacefulness. This is a small selection of photographs, but ones I really love. Seeing such amazing colours always reminds me of these bluebells and I am yet to see a better spot for such beauty for a Hertfordshire engagement shoot.

Hertfordshire engagement photos

It was a gorgeous hot sunny spring Sunday afternoon with the sunshine beating through the forest canopy. The park was closing but we managed to talk the national trust steward to lets us in for some photos as long as we where quick. So with time against us we quickly did a big loop around this beautiful setting, with the colours from the bluebells popping around every corner. I get a lot of my couples ask " is a engagement shoot really necessary" to which I reply of course!

This is a chance for just the three of us to go for a walk in a location of your choice and allow you both to get comfortable around me and the scary camera. Everyone who I have photographed have always complimented me on the time we have together which I hold close to my heart as for me it's all about connections and a couple in love is the biggest connection you will find and this is a pleasure to capture.My shoots have no limits to how many photos I take, there simply a chance to get some great photographs with whoever you want, wherever you want. I often tell my couple to think of a photo of what they would like to be framed on the wall and we can go create that photo.

Dockley Woods National Trust

These shoots can be arranged separate to your wedding day or if you just wanted some photos of your partner and your not engaged. They are a wonderful opportunity to have some fun and get some stunning photographs in a relaxed comfortable environment. So if you are interested in a similar shoot, get in touch! Bring the kids, the grandparents or the dogs?! I have availability over the next couple of months as we head towards the wedding season. Memories like these also make great presents for friends and family, why not treat a loved one or surpise the other half. Here's a link to another spring engagement shoot I captured near the coast of Eastbourne, a similar gorgeous sunny day.

guildford engagement photography

Guildford Engagement | Annie & Tim

Guildford Engagement Photography

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with Annie & Tim for their pre wedding engagement shoot. A lot of photographers like to dictate where they take there couples, I however don't like to do this. I want my couples to be in a familiar comfortable environment, as I feel when my couples are relaxed I can truly get some great shots. From a photographer's point of view I also feel that by doing this, it pushes my creativeness as I have never been to the location before so it's all very new. On this engagement shoot Annie & Tim took me too their favourite running spot within Hatchlands park, and what a great park and a first for me to do some guildford engagement photography. These two are such a lovely couple and we had a blast taking photos and telling jokes along the way. We even risked it all and jumped into a field with bulls running around to get some fun photos, don't worry the bulls didn't mind us and we were all prepared to run for the hills! I cannot wait to photograph their wedding later in the year. Anyway here are a few of my favourite photos from our time together. Guildford Wedding Photographer. Can't wait to see Annie & Tim's stunning wedding? Don't worry I've got you just click here!

London Engagement | Justine & Rob 1

London Engagement | Justine & Rob

London Engagement Photography

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting Justine & Rob in Southbank, for their London engagement photography session. This was my first time photographing a night time London engagement so I was really excited to embrace the challenge and venture into the world of flash photography. The weather wasn't great as it did rain the majority of the time but I couldn't have asked for a nicer couple to spend a rainy Sunday evening with.

Rainy London Evening with a Christmas Twist

I love meeting new people and it really makes me smile when you can feel a real connection that two people have, there's a certain energy about them and it makes my job so fulfilling. Even though the weather was no fun, we had such a blast from getting soggy in the rain along embankment, convincing security at the BFI to lets us on the rooftop, to acting like kids on the horse carousel.

Fancy some London Sunshine?

Are you engaged to be married and looking for a wedding photographer? If so I would love for you to get in touch and have a chat about your special day, just follow the link - here. If the rain isn't for you why not check out another London engagement photography session I did for Toby & Carla in the height of a british summer. Just follow me - here!