Best Wedding Photos of 2019!

And just like that… 2019 wedding photography is about to bite the dust! It feels like it was only a few weeks ago I was posting my 2018 review, but in that crazy blur of time, I’ve seen 28 couples share the most incredible day with their friends and family. So that’s it an end to year 3 all by myself and that combination of excitement and wonder when I pull up to a brand new venue shows no sign of letting up and I love that! Having no idea what the day has in store, but knowing that amazing things are about to happen is something pretty special. For me my third year has been the make or break year so my peers tell me and I know this is cliche, but it genuinely has been a brilliant year.

Best Highlight of 2019?

I often get asked at weddings “what’s the best wedding you’ve been to?”, and I’m finding this impossible to answer, even if you asked me to pick a favorite from this year, I wouldn’t be able to choose one, but there have been some special standout memories in 2019; my first wedding with an actual castle was a hoot and a challenge but I loved every second of Sarah and Daniels wedding in Frome. Having a professional wedding magazine approach me to feature one of my weddings was a great feeling that I am slowly getting noticed by publishers and always great to see my work in print. Also winning an wedisson award for one of my images and making it to the national wedding industry awards as a finalist was a brilliant experience.

I’m a photographer who likes to travel!

This year has also been the first where previous brides and grooms have made little people!!!! And as with every year on this journey of mine, I’m still blown away from the amount of love couples, family and friends have for each other at each and every wedding and soaking up all that love makes me want to make more and more special moments for people. I’ve also clocked up my fair share of motorway mileage, visiting Somerset, London, Cotswolds, Suffolk and Hertfordshire to name just a few locations.

2019 Here’s looking at you kid!

I still can’t believe that jumping from photographing bands at gigs and festivals to weddings would have given me so much joy and reignited my passion for making beautiful photos! Next year I want to still keep going strong and keep pushing towards my target of 50 weddings a year, I don’t do much advertising so if you’re reading this and are getting married or know someone who is please don’t hesitate to get in touch, also feel free to follow me on my Instagram which you’ll find all my best portfolio work or hit me up on Facebook.

Finally a round up of the year wouldn’t be right without thanking all the couples who decided to bring me along on their journey this year, I never underestimate that decision and the trust you guys have put in me, and I can’t thank you enough. So here it is, a selection of some of my best wedding photos of 2019!

So that’s it folks my best wedding photos of 2019! 2020 is going to be amazing as I have almost 30 weddings booked in and I am also tying the knot myself so keep your eyes peeled for next year!

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