From a young age I was always fascinated with cameras, as I got older the more advanced the cameras became. My first camera experience was my parents Kodak Ektralite when I was 5, a simple point and shoot but I loved the long rectangle shape and cool leather case. Taking a photo was always a anti climax as all it did was click but the anticipation I felt knowing that when we went to get the film developed we would receive back frozen moments in time and I have no doubt that this is what’s always fascinated me with photography.


I live in the sleepy town of Andover with my fiancé Marie. We share a cosy home with two pedigree cats called Itchy and Scratchy. Not the most traditional pedigree cat names I know, but who knew there was an official pedigree cat name list!

I’ve developed my craft in photography mainly as a music photographer shooting many great bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, Kings of Leon & Justin Timberlake. Have a peek here. (I know I said great but you have to keep the JT fans happy). But it wasn’t till my sister got married I found myself getting really inspired by the whole situation.

Marietta + Phil 1
Philip-Quinnell 2


I’m all yours for the whole day. I tend to start at bridal prep and finish well after the first dance. I like to work as a stealthy ninja photographer, working behind the scenes snapping great photos which will portray the story of your best day ever! One of my favourite things is too capture pure emotions at weddings, the speeches, the laughing & the special teary moments. I am not your traditional wedding photographer. I will never interrupt your guests and ask them to smile for me and you won’t catch me setting up the same shot for each wedding. Instead my aim is to be more like a guest with a camera: working discretely and conscientiously.

Let's create the best day of your life!

As a storyteller I want to make sure your day is captured from start to finish. The result will be photographs that will take you right back to that very day, allowing you to relive every emotion and moment. Photographs that you will be proud to share for years to come.