A little about me...

Hello! Let me introduce myself

I'm Philip, I live in the sleepy town of Andover with my fiancé Marie. We share a cosy home with two pedigree cats called Itchy and Scratchy. Not the most traditional pedigree cat names I know, but who knew there was an official pedigree cat name list!

I've developed my craft in photography mainly as a music photographer shooting many great bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stoneage, Kings of Leon & Justin Timberlake (I know I said great but you have to keep the JT fans happy). But it wasn't till my sister got married almost two years ago I found myself getting really inspired by the whole situation. There's so much emotion, happiness and love which is very noticeable in the air.

Having seen how much my sister and mother reacted when they saw the wedding photos for the first time was simply heart warming, really emotional stuff and that's when I realised that's what I want. I want to be able to make people feel like that after seeing my photographs.
So I ask you to join me on this little adventure of mine and lets share the best day of your life.


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The world through a camera lens is one I feel most connected to. Being able to freeze and capture a moment in time and have that forever is what truly inspires me.

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Meeting new people is something which is close to my heart. I've always been told that I get on with anyone, for me I just love making new friends.

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Travel is so inspiring, once a year I go somewhere I haven't been before. Destination weddings always leave me in awe of countries, culture and people.