Annie & Tim’s wedding

I’ve decided to give something new a try, a blog showcasing the bride’s words! Up and down the country, couples spend countless hours researching, checking and deciding the tiniest details of a wedding day. I get the honour of spending some of that time with them and finding out some details beforehand. But ultimately, I get to see and experience most of the day with fresh eyes. I’ve blogged Annie & Tim’s wedding already, check it out here, but as with some of the best A-lister movies, we like to see what went on behind the scenes. See what Annie had to say, when she kindly completed my questionnaire below.

In the bride’s words

How did you meet?

We met at our local pub The Black Swan, where Tim was working as the bar manager.

Where did you get engaged?

We got engaged during a picnic at Regents Park and it was a surprise! I wasn’t going to go, as it was my birthday and I was out for some drinks with work colleagues. I’m now VERY glad that I did!

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

Our wedding venue is my family home. My parents have lived there for over 20 years, I also lived there until 2014. I had always dreamed of getting married at their house and doing so was even more special than I imagined. It is an old farmhouse with a garden, two fields, an old barn and several outhouses. It has held a lot of parties over the years and therefore made a great venue, and one which most of the guests had enjoyed previously. My brother is a gardener and did all of the work ahead of our wedding. My Dad, Tim and I were in charge of all the decorations in the barn, which looked stunning.

Did your wedding incorporate any special history, hobbies or passions that where special to you?

Tim and I both worked in our local pub when we met, The Queens Head in East Clandon. Tim went to the pub for a drink ahead of the wedding ceremony with his best man, groomsmen and a number of guests. We also ate there the night before. As we got engaged during a picnic, the champagne and glasses for the toast were taken to each table in picnic hampers. Our starter was also an antipasti sharing board. This included a number of foods we had on the night we got engaged.

Tim has a passion for beer and since leaving the pub industry has worked at a number of breweries. We therefore had a Meantime beer van at the venue for the guests to enjoy. We also have a mutual love of pizza, and booked a local pizza van to arrive in the evening and make stone baked pizzas for the guests. My dad also used to host an annual charity party each summer to raise money for a local charity – Cherry Trees. He would have fireworks at the end of each party to thank the guests, and we used the same person on our wedding day, who I have known since I was 13. He was the DJ at my first birthday disco too!

Where there any family traditions or moments with the family involved on the wedding day?

My brother also got married at my parents house a couple of years before, so to my family it really is special. The fireworks have always been a Robertson tradition, with them being a staple at my dad’s parties and both weddings since. Having lived in the village for over 20 years and being the hosts of the annual village fete, my parents have a very close relationship with the local community. After Tim and I got married, the neighbours all came out to ring the church bells and congratulate us. One even brought out a bottle of champagne, with glasses, for Tim and I to enjoy during the car journey home. The car was loaned to us by one of my bridesmaids. It was driven by her fiancé, who also happened to be one of Tim’s groomsmen.

Did anything stand out?

Everyone we used along the way was someone either Tim or I knew, we kept everything very personal. A couple of things that stood out were the beer and pizza vans, and the festoon lighting which we put up ourselves the day before. This stood out due to the stress of whether it would arrive on time! They arrived at 4pm the day before and it was a frantic effort to get them fitted. Finally, we had a memory board for those that couldn’t be with us. It was really appreciated by some of the guests who attended, and special to Tim and I.

What was a special moment of the day?

Our first dance! Tim hates dancing and we practiced a number of steps from YouTube! On the day Tim loved it, and at one point was on the dance floor taking centre stage on his own. Also one of our best friends is a singer, and did a number of songs for us throughout the night. Finally, whilst we were having our wedding photos taken we could hear a number of tables of guests playing drinking games. We wanted everyone to have fun and feel relaxed, so that to us was perfect.

Why did you choose your wedding photographer?

Phil used to work with Tim at Coca Cola. Not only did we love his photos, but having him there for our wedding to do the photography was perfect. It made us feel comfortable, but it was also in keeping with us using local suppliers who we already had a relationship with.

Who made your wedding cake?

Our caterers Doggart & Squash. We chose these caterers as one of them went to school with Tim’s sister, my bridesmaid. They were fantastic and helped us with a number of the decorative items too.


It’s brilliant to hear details in the bride’s words, I hadn’t realised just how historical family parties were at the family home. Nor, how truly personal it was. Annie & Tim’s wedding is one of my favourites and I’m so pleased Annie agreed to give us all this behind the scenes wedding insight, in the bride’s words.

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