Guildford Engagement Photography

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with Annie & Tim for their pre wedding engagement shoot. A lot of photographers like to dictate where they take there couples, I however don’t like to do this. I want my couples to be in a familiar comfortable environment, as I feel when my couples are relaxed I can truly get some great shots. From a photographer’s point of view I also feel that by doing this, it pushes my creativeness as I have never been to the location before so it’s all very new. On this engagement shoot Annie & Tim took me too their favourite running spot within Hatchlands park, and what a great park and a first for me to do some guildford engagement photography. These two are such a lovely couple and we had a blast taking photos and telling jokes along the way. We even risked it all and jumped into a field with bulls running around to get some fun photos, don’t worry the bulls didn’t mind us and we were all prepared to run for the hills! I cannot wait to photograph their wedding later in the year. Anyway here are a few of my favourite photos from our time together. Guildford Wedding Photographer. Can’t wait to see Annie & Tim’s stunning wedding? Don’t worry I’ve got you just click here!

Guildford Engagement | Annie & Tim 1

Hampshire wedding photographer © Philip Quinnell